Wednesday, December 15, 2010


screw painting hair


Garrett Hanna said...

Ooooo Brom-esque.


Toby Lewin said...

Wicked stuff tobie :D

Tom Scholes said...


Lisa Tao said...

evolved human race dont need no hair anyway

Bobby Chiu said...

these dailies are looking awesome!! How about putting them into a Tobias iPhone App??

Toby said...

@Garret, Tom, Other Toby: Thanks guys!

@Lisa: good, cuz it's all skulls and bald from now on.

@Bobby: Thanks for the invite, time to step it up!

Rafael Sarmento said...

Man... ow man... MAN!!!!!!!!
This is SO inspiring, that I'm gonna just lay down and die for a few minutes. FFFFFF

I already knew your work, but this piece killed me. CONGRATS!

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