Saturday, May 16, 2009


dont feel like cging so here're some blurry tigerskin sketches! :D
and i found out that i got featured on cgunit. thanks benoit, feelin like one of the cool kids now


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Been Loving the Daliy posts. Sorry I dont Comment more but Im watching and loving.
How often do you plan out the images that you do? Or do you just find figures in the shapes you laydown?
Either way its working.
All the best Tobias

Jay Yuan Zhou said...

Loving it!

ben said...

too blurry for me but I'm glad ur not CGing anymore because you should be outside enjoying summer in cali, not staring at a monitor any more than you have to!

but when it rains, i expect to see more! hope ur having fun there :)

Donovan Liu said...

sickkkk bring ur sketch book to AX plzzz

Francis said...

oh you were always cool toby. all you need now is a scanner, or a better digital camera for some unblurry pictures.

Tobie said...

dan-van-cool, thanks man. nah commenting on everything here'll just be a waste of time. i guess it's more of the pushing shapes around to make something out of it, but usually I'd have some vague idea of what I'd like.

ben, haha i still go outside everyday like a normal human being, these cgs are usually done in the morning before or right after work. Hope everything's good on your side, gotta show me your film sometime!

donovan, haha for sure

fran, YOU're cool..if you get me a scanner

rikit said...

i like YMCA guy
he's cool

Tom Scholes said...

Love loving the updates, good to see awesome pencils too!

Red Fox said...

wicked artwork

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