Monday, August 25, 2008



Peter Breese said...

You are a posting machine my friend. Little LOTR influence here? Nice poses. That must have been one hell of a bird he killed for the shoulder pad.

RAWLS said...

So the guy on the right is clearly more powerful, as you can tell from the size difference in his skull jewlery... I'm sure tiny skulls only bought that gold belt to compensate for his lack of powerfulness... it may look cool, but it won't help.

Francis said...

Yea! WTF to lizard man!

David Hwang said...

if variable = wtf then
drawing = good;
drawing = sucks;


so its all good!

Leon JO said...

why so serious?

Anonymous said...

... oppa confuses me... o_O

Michael Dedrick said...


lettie said...

haha oppa is writing codes D:

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