Tuesday, April 29, 2008

film stuff

...except the last piece
gotta start updating more?


Felipe said...

awesome layouts, was kinda hard to appriciate during ur film cuz things went super fast.

Kalar said...

See Please Here

Stacey Chomiak said...

oh man dude these layouts are amaaaaaaaazing. great job keep it up! excited to see what you do next year!

Adam Temple said...

I love these layouts so much man. What are you up to now?

gynie said...

that serie is so nice !

Tobie said...

Thanks guys!

Adam - I just got back from Paris not too long ago, which was really sweet. Gobelins students are pretty crazy

hiku said...

These are my favorite pieces by you so far :)

I love the angles!

These inspire me to draw more landscapes, haha.

Draw more please!

LuisNCT said...

your artworks are so cool!

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