Friday, November 24, 2006

cg marathon craps

some cgs and a sketch for the cg marathon


Anonymous said...

u improved!
bastard D:
post on newagenerds too!

tobie said...

wow thanks D:

anez said...

i agree! u little!
we'll stomp on you...someday XD


...great stuffs! Xd

tobie said...

u ppl are so mean >P but thaaanks

Benjamin said...

dear tobie,

pls teach me how to be a man.

-ur most devoted toblerone,

ps. tight work :) pls teach me that aswell

Anonymous said...


*shoots ur face*

Anonymous said...


Sam Bradley said...

The smoking rocks painting is pretty tight. Love the spurs. Nice work, make sure to post some more.

theonlysarah said...

that third photo is splendid it like it on my wall

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